The Electrification of Transportation

Teslas  are very amazing cars and if you own one you even get your own parking spot at your own house. The founders of the amazing tesla car are JB Straubel, Martin Eberhard, Ian Wright, Elon Musk, and finally Marc Tarpenning. When you own an electric car you contact the state and they come out and put a charger port right out front of your house. The new tesla can drive at least 400 miles before it needs a charge.tesla-pic That’s very good and another thing about them is that they have a very lot of space to transport your luggage. If you plan on going on vacation in one there are frequent charging stops at some stores. All you will have to do is go on maps on your phone and look up a charging port and it will locate the nearest one to you. There are a few different models of the tesla some are more expensive than others. Some have more space than others as well but, teslas are very fast too they top out at around 140 mph. Some of them go faster and some of them go slower. If i had the chance to get a tesla honestly i would, personally from the things i hear about them they are amazing cars. There are even people that buy tesla cars just so that they can race them at the race track because of the battery charge that it gets making the car go fast in such a short period of time. The tesla has such a high amount of battery power because it uses a strong battery called a lithium battery. If you ever get the chance to purchase a new car and you are looking to save money on the outrageous gas prices i highly recommend looking into going to Tesla Motors.



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