The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 1: The Scar

Death; it is a natural part of things. Nature’s end, nature’s demise; nothing can escape its grip, nothing. Some have embraced Death, hoping that it will spare them from pain and suffering. Others have become a force of Death, a killer, a murderer; they feel a rise in darkness throughout the ages. They hear the whispers of the dead, the ghosts of the past. But, they never see the light; they are lost in darkness, never to be free; they were once the Sith.

There were also peacekeepers, who hold and defend the light, that push back the darkness. They feel and hear the energy of life; they hold compassion, yet do not make attachments; they were once the Jedi. No side of the Force had been embraced together by one person and held in balance, not one. But one shall triumph; that is where the story shall begin.

Beyond the dark peak mountains of Almotia (Al-mot-E-a), over the green waters of the Haloo river, lies the caves of the Kala mountain. Within its caves, lies a father and mother, waiting, to meet someone. The screams of the women can be heard throughout the halls of the mountain. Her husband, kneeling beside her, comforting her; she was giving birth to twins. Her cries went on for hours, pauses here and there, tiring from the work at hand. Until finally, a different cry is heard throughout the halls, a baby’s cry.

Soon another cry was heard, and behold, two new lives have entered the galaxy. The mother and father embraced their offspring with open arms. The father held his newborn daughter, the mother, her newborn son. Footsteps entered the room, it was the old maid that served the Skywalker family, a family of unique power and biology. “Congratulations my lady! Ah, such pretty things they are.” The mother smiled; the maid then returned to the halls of the cave. The mother smiled, with such delight, she turned to her husband; “What shall we call her?” The father looked down at his daughter, he smiled at her; “Anica, that will be her name. Anica Jewel Skywalker. What of our son?”

The mother looked down at her son, she was still smiling; “Codeanalis, Codeanalis Avanakis Questional Skywalker.” She held him tighter in her arms, never wanting to let go of him. Suddenly, a huge bang echoed throughout the halls of the cave. The maid came running in, “My lady! They found us!” Right then, the mother’s smile vanished; she turned to her husband, “I can not leave.” The father nodded his head, “We knew this day would come.” The mother began to shed tears; “Maryan, take my children, and keep them safe.” She said, trying hard to keep her poster. “With my life, my lady.”

The maid grabbed two bag pouches and filled them with thick blankets. She put them over her shoulders, one on each side; The father gave her his daughter. She placed her ever so gently into the bag; then she went to the mother. She handed him to the maid; “Please take care of them; keep them safe.” The maid nodded, and turned to leave; suddenly, men in dark cloaks entered the room with daggers, knives, and swords. One ran to the mother and slit her throat; blood sprayed on the walls, as the mother began to choke on her own blood. The maid ran to the second exit; behind her, the father blocked the exit. But he was no match for the intruders, a swordsman took his sword and decapitated him. Little did anyone know, the little boy saw it all.

The maid ran through the long narrow hallway, running as fast as her legs could carry her. She began to breath fast and heavily, as her heart began to pound and shake. She then found the tunnel, the final way out. She quickly crawled through it, being careful of the children. The tunnel felt like it would go on forever, like a continuous cavern with a small light coming from nowhere. The maid shook her head and perished the thought, I must take these children to safety, she thought to herself. She continued without another thought, and reached the other end of the tunnel.

As soon as the maid got out of the tunnel, she began to run again. She ran not looking back, but was foolish to do so; for behind her were two clock men guarding the exit. They chased her; the maid hearing footsteps different from hers, she knew what was happening, she quickened her pace. But it was doomed to fail; the clocked men caught up and drew their daggers. The maid stopped and turned, she held up her hands to block the incoming attack. One guard jumped and attacked from above, the maid grabbed the guard’s wrist stopping him from delivering a blow. She then twisted left and threw the guard in a spiral, taking the dagger within his hands. The guard landed head first into a rock, initially killing him. The maid began to change, her biology allowed her to make herself younger when adrenalin is pumping through her veins.

Now there was just the one other, his dagger at his side; he stabbed, but did not hit his mark. The maid tried to match his blows, to defend the children. Then suddenly, he attacked from above, she raise up the dagger to block and deflected it. Unfortunately, it came down on the boy, and sliced his face; the boy cried in pain, as the battle went on. The guard and maid exchanged blows, blocking each other’s movements. Until the guard found his opening and took it. He stabbed the the maid in her mid left side; the maid in pain, took the dagger and stabbed the guard in his face, killing him.

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