Cage-tastic Reviews: Valley Girl (1983)

The movie Valley Girl is about a girl named Julie from the Valley who is trying to break up with her jock boyfriend, Tommy. At a party in the Valley one night she met a punk teen named Randy from Hollywood and she fell for him but, Julie’s friends try to keep them apart because they have different backgrounds. The movie Valley Girl was inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. One easter egg they have in the movie is Julie and Randy kissing in front of a movie theatre that was showing the movie “Romeo and Juliet”. Valley Girl in my personal opinion was one of the best movies released in the 80’s. One fact about the movie is it was Nicolas Cage’s first appearance in a movie using the stage name “Cage”. I love the movie because it relates to a lot of things us as teenagers experience everyday.valley-girl

I think a very important part of a movie is most definitely the soundtrack. In Valley Girl they had some very well known songs such as Love my way by the Psychedelic Furs, I melt with you by Modern English, Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant, Who can it be now by Men at work, etc… Also in the movie they tried to promote the band the Plimsouls in quite a few scenes they were performing at the club that Randy frequented. The most important scene was when Randy and Julie kissed for the first time and the song A million miles away by the Plimsouls played in the background. The song also played when Randy knew he messed up by letting Julie go. The soundtrack totally went perfectly with the movie setting, the characters, and the time period. I recommend this movie because the movie feels like an escape back to the 80’s; it’s totally tripindicular!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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