I can’t breathe anymore
I can’t dream anymore
I can’t give this up
Look at me
Look at the person you made of me
You can’t abandon the home you
made of me
It takes a warrior to deal
with someone like me
I told myself I’ll stop writing
about people
Keep coming back to me

My right wrist became rusty
I have sores on my lips from the truths
I’ll never tell
I’m used to speaking so deep
I know I’m capable of
scaring you away too
I don’t want to scare you
with all my emotional abuse
I can’t promise that you’re right about me

I have bruises on my chest
from the parts of my heart
I tried to silence
I hope you plan to
watch the fires you planned
inside of me
I know some days you’re
afraid to have my heart,
to break my rib,
to go through this
I can’t allow you to have apprehension
I’ll be patient
Don’t walk away from me
Not when you promised to save me

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