Where Will Microsoft Take Xbox Next?


We all know about the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Microsoft has just recently dropped the Xbox One S that is 40% smaller than the Xbox one. The Xbox One S has 4k video streaming, 4k  blu-ray, and HDR (high dynamic range) more information can be found at http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one-s?xr=shellnav .

The new Xbox One S is definitely smaller than the original Xbox One, but it definitely puts in  work. When the original Xbox one came out it was priced at $499 but the new Xbox One S has a starting price at $299.99 (500GB) $349.99 (1TB) $399.99 (2TB).  


The Xbox One does have Blu-ray/DVD but the new Xbox One S has 4K/HDR Blu-ray drive. Thats a big difference in visuals, and when it comes to gaming and movies. Now the Xbox One S is a smaller console then the original Xbox One 40% that is, but it definitely the better console when it comes to space.

Now is the Xbox One S something that is worth buying? I personally think it is worth buying with such great specks compared to the original Xbox One. The Xbox One S has a 4k Blu-ray player and u can play video games and much more with it then you could with just a Blu-ray player. Most Blu-ray players cost somewhere around $300-$700, and why buy those when the Xbox ONe S offers so much more.

xbox1sNow there is more to the Xbox One S, the controller has had just some minor upgrades it has a nicer D-pad unlike the original Xbox One the had a pretty stiff and crappy D-pad. It has Blu-ray connection for a better connection of course. The control has a nicer more comfortable feel to it with a rougher grip on the back side of the controller. There is much more to come from this stay tuned for updates on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and sooner or later info on the project Scorpio that’s drop date is the Holiday of 2017.

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