School History

Tacony Academy has an okay past but even a better future. Tacony started off in a building on Rising Sun Avenue that they didn’t own.risingsunbuilding They had a minimum amount of students between 300-400 students  that were in the school and almost no one participated in school events such as sports and clubs. No one really knew who Tacony Academy was back then. But now Tacony Academy has a brand new state of the art building built from scratch. Ms. Holliday, the principal of Tacony Academy, said, “The major and obvious changes that have occurred since the opening of Tacony High are the opening of our brand new state-of-the-art school building and consistent leadership in administration.  Before my return in 2013, the HS has three different leaders, including myself since it’s opening.”

Tacony also has a full roster of kids for their academic program and after school clubs. Tacony have even moved up multiple divisions in their sports programs such as basketball, baseball, and soccer. In basketball they’ve moved up to division D.cropped-building-photo2.jpg In baseball they have moved up to Division C and in Soccer they have moved up to Division B. Tacony Academy Charter even ended up being over 50% in the English PSSA of last year. Tacony  is also over 25% in the Math PSSA of last year. As of right now between K-12 Tacony has 1,091 students enrolled into the school. Tacony Academy’s ultimate goal is “to enhance, support and promote creative and critical thinking.” Their goal is also to “promote problem solving skills of school age learners in the making of original inventions.” Overall Tacony Academy has grown as a program from academics to extracurricular activities. But they’re still not done, they’ll continue to grow as a whole and will accomplish much more in the future.

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