Rico Recklezz and Soulja Boy

rico soulja

How it started:

Rico Recklezz a Chicago rapper recently dropped a diss track to Soulja Boy called No Talking. After that, Soulja put a 100,000 dollar bounty on Rico’s head. The diss is mainly about Soulja Boy being a punk for dissing Lil Yachty, and saying Soulja only talks tough on twitter and he was scared to come to the lobby.

What happened next?

Soulja boy heard the diss and took it to twitter saying he just made a million, so what would he look like dissing a Chicago rapper. He also said, “we don’t rap beef i got a 100,00 on his head.” Rico quickly responded saying “we can fight a 1 on 1 for 10k, we can do whatever you want soulja boy.”

Did they squash the beef?

Then Rico goes to LA to see soulja and goes to his house and he wasn’t there so he went to another house he supposedly  was supposed to be and he wasn’t there either. He fled the country and caught a trip to Paris he said he was gonna go to Dubai to do a show but Rico wasn’t trying to hear that. Then a TMZ reporter tracked down Soulja Boy at LA airport and asked about  the Rico death threats. He says the bounty was never serious, it was taken out of context. He also said he doesn’t do beef, he gets money and he just signed a million dollar deal.






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