Top 10 Games of 2016

2016 is now over and a lot of games came out this past year.  Here are what some consider there top 10 games of 2016 are. These ranking are from uncharted-4-sean-anderman

10. At number 10,  an Xbox One Exclusive game by the name of “Quantum Break’’. The game is mainly about time travel. The game looks so realistic in cutscenes that it may seem like you’re watching a movie or TV show. the game is available on the Xbox One and PC.

9. Next at Number 9 is an alien game called ‘’XCOM 2’’. The game focuses on you building up squads (teams) to take on the aliens. Its mainly a strategy game. It’s only available on the PC.

8. Next at Number 8 is a game I’ve personally want to play but haven’t yet. The game is called “ The Division’’.  The game takes place in New York City. It has a  PvP game mode (Player vs Player). It also offers plenty of time to grind so you can make yourself  better in  Single Player or Online. It’s available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

7. Next is a classic game from the past making a return to the PS4. It’s ‘’Ratchet and Clank’’. The game was brought out to play so newer players, who never got to experience the original, will get to play a really good classic game. The game has a lot of movie references to get a laugh out of the player. The game was rebooted to the newer consoles with a better origin story.

6. At number 6 is a game called ‘’The Witness”. You can play it on the PC and PS4. It’s mainly a puzzle based game. The game does a nice job of teaching the player new things throughout the game so it isn’t the same thing throughout.

5. Next at number 5 is a game called ‘’Firewatch”. You can play it on the  PC and PS4. It is a popular game that a lot of people played. It tells a very unique mystery story with layers of nicely done art work. It’s also the first game made from new developers “Campo Santo Games’’. It’s a game every gamer should play at some point.   

4. At Number 4,  is a game called “Doom”. It’s a First Person Shooter game. It’s available on the PS4, PC and Xbox One. It has great fast pacing, tight gameplay and intense enemy encounters. It´s a game that you could enjoy doing a second playthrough on the story mode.

3. At number 3, it’s a very popular game called ´´Dark Souls 3´´. A game i actually have thought about playing. Then i watched some gameplay and this game is set up to make you frustrated. It’s available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’s a mix of Fantasy and Horror genre. The game improved its game play from the first two games. You will die a lot playing this. But that´s what makes the game good to keep going and try to beat it.

2. At number 2 it’s a game that really got popular this year. It’s a game called ´´Overwatch´´. It’s available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a team focused FPS. Players and reviewers have said that the game is addicting. The game is still growing with so much coming out to the make the game even better. Honestly, I´ve thought about playing it and  I actually might sometime in the future.

1.  The number 1 top game of 2016 is ´´Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End´´. A game i really want to play. It’s only available on the PS4. The creators, Naughty Dog,  did a great job making this game and it’s beloved character, Nathan Drake,  is back. The series comes to an end and goes out with a bang. The Uncharted Series has been the mascot so to say for Playstation for so long, it’s sad to see it end. But the series has produced so many great games. This game deserves to be at number 1.



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