Top 5 Men’s Boots

In this list I’m going to cover 5 different boots from different brands and talk about their quality and touch briefly on my personal experience on the boots for most of the boots that I will be covering.

1.Ugg Butte

Im first going to cover Ugg Men’s Butte most popular men’s boots in their brands. The ugglook of the boot is very distinct for the fur at the top of the boot. The boots are not all for looks they are waterproof and are able to cover -20c and have suede lining. The inside of the boots have wool lining and the outer lining is Vibram and the boots are 7 and a half inches tall. My personal thoughts to the boots are they are very different and the inside are very comfortable and you might want to get 1 size up from your regular size. The boots are $224.00 which are “pricy” depending who’s asking but if you can afford them then of course get them.

2.Timberland Mens 6inch Boots

I will now touch on the iconic Timberland 6 inch “wheat” boots. These boots come in two different versions a waterproof version and a regular version their is a small price difference between them around like $20. The normal versions is 50% leather and suede for working in water treatment It also has 400gs of Primaloft ECO insulation which means you’ll get a good amount of protection for weather. It also has a rubber outer sole so it’s good for traction and grip. Now for my personal opinion about the boots they have a couple faults. They are not the most comfortable boots but they look good on anyone’s foot wide,flat, or even narrow. They are not good for intense weather such as negative numbers in degrees and they are good for mainly spring weather but not mid winter weather. The Price ranges from 100.00 to 190.00.

3.North Face Chilkat Boots

Now on to the next boot on the list is North Face Chilkat Boots. As you can most likely tell by looking at the picture the boots are waterproof.north-face They have insulation in them that actually keep the heat inside and stop it from escaping the inside of the boot.
The boot is for extreme cold weather and for hiking mountains so you could understand that they would be in normal urban winters. They have an extremely durable outer sole which is good for traction which means you’re much less likely to slip in icy and slippery conditions. My personal view on these boots is that they are almost perfect for those days when you have to be outside in the middle of winter and extreme harsh weathers they are perfect for middle winter weather. The Price Ranges to 68.90 to 169.99$

4.Yeezy 950 Boost Boots

The Yeezy 950 boost boots are very iconic for their distinct look. These boots are sponsored by adidas and created byyeezy rapper Kanye West from his extensive collection of yeezy sneakers
. These boots have a distinct “moonrock” rubber and nylon outer sole. They have thick round taupe laces a suede trimmed eyestay. There is not much detail on the boots and its weather capabilities. The boots are extremely expensive they are around 600 dollars which puts them in the most expensive boots on this list.

5. Dr.Martens 1919

The notable Dr.Marten 1919 boots are extremely distinct there is no boot that looks like them. docmartensThe boots have a heat sealed upper sole and is also sewn in. A majority of the boot is leather and its premium leather. The bottom of the boot is anti oil and fat slip resistant. There isn’t much on the weather condition and stability in intense weathers but obviously is mainly for fall weather and early winter weather but I would only prefer them typically them for fall and spring weather. The boots in men’s sizes are 160.00-190.00$


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