Iphone 7 vs Galaxy s7

Today I will be comparing the Iphone 7 and the Galaxy s7. We will be comparing the design, internals, pixels and many other things with these two phones. Then by the end of this article you will decide what phone you think is better.



The Iphone 7 and Galaxy s7 designs did not change that much from the Iphone 6 and Galaxy s6. The Galaxy has a glass back which makes the color stand out more. The Iphone has a plain metal back, but the new color jet black is just a glossier back to it. The Iphone has a new dual lens camera on the back. The Galaxy has a single camera lens which has some of the same functions as the Iphone’s new camera.



The Iphone and the Galaxy both a water resistant but the galaxy could be submerged in water for a longer amount of time than the Iphone. The Iphone has the A10 fusion chip. This chip is a 64-bit quad-core processor. The Galaxy has the top end snapdragon 820 processor and features 4GB ram and a microSD card slot that holds up to 256GB of storage. Both phones start off at a base of 32GB and has a max storage of 256GB. The Galaxy has wireless charging which saves you the hassle of using a cord.


iphonePixels and Externals:

The Galaxy display has a resolution of 1,440×2,560 pixels which makes pictures and video really clear. The Iphone has a retina HD display but a lower resolution of 1,334×750 pixels, so the lower amount of pixels is made up for by the retina display. The externals on the Iphone is the new camera, and no headphone jack. The Galaxy still has the headphone jack.


What phone do you prefer Iphone or Galaxy? If you were to ask me I like Iphones more than Galaxy.





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