The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 2: The Orphanage

The night seemed silent; only the cries of a baby could be heard through the night. The maid breathed heavily, recovering from the energy spent. Then she grimaced from the pain; the dagger was still in her side, still being held by the dead attacker she has vanquished. She grabbed the hand of the deceased, and took a very deep breath. She slightly pulled and immediately felt the unbelievable pain. Her head moved back; her mouth wide open, she screamed but her throat was closed, only a slow low high pitched passing of air could be heard. When most of the shock stopped, she looked down and now pulled harder. This time the dagger pulled out and the sting of the air hitting her wound took effect.

The maid gently lowered the children off her shoulders and onto the ground. She then removed her apron and used it as a bandage, tying it tight around her waist. As she tugged the last knot, she grimaced over in pain, putting her hands on the wound for pressure. It was only then did she see it; she opened her eyes and saw the long elongated cut on the young boy’s face, and realized his cry. She took a cloth from within her blouse and cleaned the blood from his face. The wound had stopped bleeding, but it was bone deep, making the scar… a permanent birth mark.

The maid once again put the children on her shoulders, grimaced as she moved her side muscle. Then she began to walk, but pain came with every step she took; she looked down at the wound. It hadn’t stop bleeding. She was losing too much blood in a short amount of time. I’m not going to make it, she thought to herself, “There is an Orphanage a few miles away. If I can get there, maybe it may not be too late,” she said aloud. She took her steps, grimaced at each one; she looked ahead, the sun would not be up for another some hours. The road was flat, but rough with its jagged slopes and dips within the grass. But she took her steps, painful steps, and walked in the direction of the orphanage. Her mind was going blank after a while, sweat pouring from her forehead. She was losing too much blood too quickly.

She felt she was losing consciousness. She only felt pain, could not think, and was sweating uncontrollably. She knew, that very soon, she wouldn’t be able to go any further. She decided to look up, one last time, and there! There was the orphanage! Her relief buckled her knees; she was losing her balance. She regained her ground and continued her walk. She was only yards away now from the porch, put it was too great for the young maid. Her knees landed hard on the ground; she was breathing heavily now. Then a woman came out of the house and saw the maid; she ran to meet the maid on the ground. The young maid looked at the woman, eye to eye. She then reached to her left and gave the girl to her saying, “Take care… of them…” She then handed the boy from the bag on her right shoulder. “they are… the last hope.” The maid then collapsed; blood began to stain the ground. Her eyes laid open, as if she was starting to fall asleep. Then a final breath was released from her lips; the maid… was dead.


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