Top 5 Best Soccer Clubs in the World

There is no doubt, soccer is one or the most popular sports in the world. Every fan has their own perspective about his/her favorite team, but here is, in my own opinion, a list of the top 5 best soccer clubs in the world.

5. Manchester United

manuFounded in 1878. Even thought then have not been doing that good this last 5-7 seasons, Manchester United is still one of the best club in the world. Although Real Madrid and Barcelona have been considered the best in terms of popularity, United still rules the world when we talk about money comparisons with Real and Barca.


4. Juventus

juventusWas founded in 1897. This is an Italian team and is considered to be one of the most successful clubs in the country. It has had a lot of known players like Carlos, Pirlo, and Vidal etc. They reached the 2015 Champions League final, They also have dominated the Italian league for the last years.  


3. Bayern Munich

bayernBayern Munich is a German sports club which was founded in 1900. Bayern had always been a good team but the last 6-8 season they have shown great performances which shows that it is a more constant and solid team with players like Lewandowski, Neuer, Robben, etc. Bayern Munich won the 2012/2013 Champions League showing that they want it and they are a big club in Europe.


2. Barcelona

barcelonaMany believe and feel that Barcelona is the best team in the world. They have had some of the best players for several years. Founded in 1899, Barcelona is an excellent team but because their incomes  they can’t be in the first place in my opinion. It is also one of the world’s most supported team, Barcelona have the five time ballon d’or winner (Messi) & the best young talent in the world (Neymar). Barcelona has been maybe one or the most successful football club in the last 10 years having won the triple 2 times consecutively.

1.Real Madrid

realThis Spain based Football Club formed in 1902 has been ranked first in this list of top 5. Real Madrid has won 11 European Cup & 32 La Liga trophies. Madrid is also the richest club in terms of income. If they really wanted they can dominate any team on the field with players like Ronaldo (four time ballon d’or winner), Sergio, Bale, Modric, etc. Real Madrid is a unique club with absolute rich history. In other words they are the most successful football team in the world.

Like I said before soccer is the most or one of the most popular sports in the world, so it is understandable that every person have their own top 5 because of the popularity of this sport, but still each person should respect others opinion, and if you have a way to support your argument do it in a respectful way. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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