Winter Fashion: The Bomber Jacket

Nowadays a part of fashion clothing that is really trending is the bomber jacket. If you walk around and take a look everyone has it on in different colors purchased from different locations. This jacket is not only seasonal, it’s trending all year around. bomber-jacket-lilibeth-lopezThe celebrity Kanye West is the ambassador of the style, who rocks the bomber jackets with his own style. The bomber is not a type of clothing fashion that just came out, it’s been out since the 20th century. It’s more common to see it on males than on females. The bomber jackets creation started back then in World War II pilots; needed outerwear because of the cold weather that was going on. The combination of two jackets was how the bomber jacket was put together. The first jacket that they took ideas from was the A-2 which is a horsehide leather jacket. It also has two flap pockets that makes the jacket look better.  The original color of the bomber jackets where navy blue, but now the color that’s really trending is the olive green which is the military color. They come with a cotton outer and in the chest it has the use of leather strap on the chest. There are many places where you can find the bomber jackets such as Macy’s, Forever 21, H&M etc.



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