Are We Safe From The Ones Who Promised to Protect Us? (Editorial)

protestingHave you ever lost a loved one that was gunned down by a police officer? Do you worry about your children’s safety? Have you ever had the feeling and realize you weren’t going to see a love one again? Well Sam DuBose, Michael Brown , and Alton Sterling won’t get a chance to see a loved one again. All three of these men were shot down and killed by police officers who pledged to protect and serve. When all they have done is murder innocent citizens and get away with the crime they have committed because to them shooting a black man who is unarmed is defending themselves from being harmed, but to us, innocent people are being killed because they are black and others think they are armed with weapons when they aren’t.

Sam DuBose was a 43 year old black man, when he was shot and killed by officer Tensing on July 19. The officer was a police officer for University of Cincinnati. The officer didn’t know there was a camera on them and was caught on footage in the crime he committed.The officer told in his statement that he pulled him over because DuBose’ didn’t have a front licence plate, but from the evidence from the footage it shows Officer Tensing intentionally shot Sam DuBose. Officer Tensing went to trial for the case and was charged with the murder of Sam DuBose. DuBose had 12 children and now he won’t get to see his daughters and sons grow up.

A young man Michael Brown was another innocent victim that was gunned down and killed by an officer of the law. Brown was only 18 years old when he died.The officer shot Brown at least six times, the officer told in his statement that he had a loaded gun. But what the officer didn’t know was that Brown’s friend was there and his statement was far from the officer. Brown’s friend stated that the officer had hit Brown with his car, choked him and gripped him up, then yelled to Brown “I’m gonna shoot you.” Brown had broke free of the officer’s grip and ran, the officers shot Brown two times, Brown’s friend heard Brown yelled “STOP SHOOTING I DON’T HAVE A GUN!”Brown turned face to face with the officer, then the officer shot several times.

There was another black male that lost his life. Alton Sterling was 37 years old when he died. He was standing outside of the “Triple S Food Market” in Baton Rouge selling CDs. According to a witness, Sterling was arguing with a homeless man but the witness said he was armed with a gun, but that was incorrect information. The police officers were misguided by the witness. Being misguided by the witness, the officers that arrived forced Sterling to the ground. Sterling had no arm weapon on him but the police took charge. As the officers were on top of him, Sterling keep repeating “I CAN’T BREATHE”. Since the officers didn’t get off of Sterling it resulted in his death. Sterling was taken from this earth with a wife and children left behind.

I feel as though crimes are committed everyday but to many crimes today are done by the ones we call our protectors. Even though all police officers are not bad, the ones who are need to be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions. A way we can stop the innocent ones from being killed by police officers would be to remind the officers what they promised and swore an oath to do, to ask them why they wanted to be a police officer in the first place: was it to serve and protect or torture, abuse and murder? Just because they have a badge and a gun doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want. How many loved ones do we have to lose for them to stop and know it is not right?mural

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