Teacher Profile: Ms. Cunningham

ms-cunningham-teacher-profile-julieann-valentinIn Tacony Academy High School every teacher teaches differently. Teachers teach differently because each teacher works with different students, with different personalities, and different ways of learning. Some teachers might get the students where they don’t have as fast a learning process as others. In our school every teacher knows how to balance out children. I know for a fact that teachers might get frustrated, but in Tacony High you will never see a teacher without a smile on their face or helping a child out. All teachers are like this, but there are some teachers especially that I have seen doing these things. As i see these teachers teach I’ve interviewed them to get a better insight on how they do what they do.

I interviewed Ms. Cunningham and asked her, “How do you do it? Teach children with all different learning abilities in one classroom all at once?”. Her response was, “ In order to reach all of the diverse learners in my classroom, I invent creative ways to make sure that all of my students master the objectives I’ve established for each lesson. Small-group instruction is one of my favorite methods of differentiation because I am able to structure tasks and assessments that cater to the academic needs of students in each group. I also love to incorporate graphic organizers and visual aids because they work well for everyone.” She is one teacher that I’ve seen really show this in her classroom while she teaches. When she teaches, she makes sure that everyone understands the material. If there is a moment where not everyone understands the material, she will break the material down in a different way, so that all of the students are on the same page with the material that she is teaching. Ms. Cunningham does this because she understand that everyone learns differently in a classroom and she manages to make it work with all the different personalities and different learning techniques that everyone uses. The best thing to do with a classroom that is like that, with students that learn at different paces, is to ask questions. Asking question helps in a big way because maybe another student has the same question as you, but they don’t know how to ask the question. So you just take the words right out of there mouth and then all the students in the classroom ends up on the same page again.

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