The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 3: Beginning to an End

These times may seem dark and dramatic to you; the truth can be much more cruel and dark than a hearted lie. But this is the truth that I tell you, a dark one at that; this is only the surface, it gets far worse. If you are soft in heart, a gentle spirit, a person who does not know true darkness and evil, turn back now, for this story is not for the faint of heart. Now for those who wish to continue, I have warned you. But to understand the full story, you must start from the beginning. Continue if you dare, but be warned, it only gets darker from here.

A few years had passed and life at the orphanage was calm and peaceful. The Montagold flowers have bloomed for the Beesreiqu (Spring) season. The shining green grass flowed with the wind as if it was an ocean tide, coming in and out. The winds were of a cool breeze that flowed gently through the atmosphere. The children of the orphanage were playing in the house, sounds of laughter filled the the small home. But at the corner, near the door, a little boy sat on a just recently carved wooden stool on an unpainted wooden table. He was taller than most his age, about a foot or so; he had on a white tunic, blond hair and had a long scar across his face.

He was sanding down a block of wood that was taking shape. Was it a horse, was it an animal of Almotia, or an imaginary creature? He was not focused on it though, he was looking out the window, more like staring. He would only look down when he stopped sanding for a moment and look at the progress. Then he would sand again and stare out the window. The door opened, the boy was only about four feet from the door; he looked over his left shoulder to see a girl standing just outside. “Hey TB! How’s the work?” The boy looked down a second at the shaped block of wood before looking back at the girl. “It’s going well.” The girl let out a little tee hee hee between her big smile on her little face.

She was an average size girl for her age. But was shorter than the boy. She had little feet compared to her normal size, was very thin and skinny, and had long brown hair, even though she was born blond. “TB, lets go duel.” She tilted her head to the right, with a big smile on her; how could anyone resist that? “Sure, TS.” She let out a little cute laugh, her mouth slightly open, her eyes closed; she was the definition of cuteness. The boy left his work on the unpainted table and hopped off the stool and walked toward the inward door. “Codean, Anica!” The boy turned to see the caretaker, “Have fun you too.” She said to them. The boy nodded his head once as a symbol of acceptance, then he turned and walked outside.

The sun shone bright and strongly, even with a cool breeze flowing. It was a beautiful day for fun and playing outside. The young boy, Codean, thought about the little girl, Anica. She is always smiling like the light of the sun makes you smile. She was bright and her happiness spread like sunlight. Codean flashed back to a memory, a day in which the sun never came out, the day the rain storm hit. During the rain, she would seem dull, like her light did not shine as brightly. She would look out the window with a dull look in her eyes, her face showed no expression. She would be like the sky, gloomy. She then turned to him, “The sun will come out soon. I’m sure.” She would then force a smile, a grin that showed a little teeth. But he could tell by the slant in her closed eyes, that it was a fake, an attempt to hide the sadness.

“Codean!” A far away call that faded the memory into reality. Anica had called in the distance. “I have our sabers!” She then gave one of her cute laughs that would make anyone fall for her. The sabers were nothing more than long sticks that were slightly crooked, but were pretty straight. Codean gave a little jog to meet her. She handed the stick that was best suited to him and they took their places. Sticks at the ready, each looking at each other seriously, examining. Then, the two of them charged and their sticks collided with the uproar of the clanking of wood and the sounds of laughter, a cheerful play.

“You shall not win Sith! I, the Jedi, will stop you!” Anica said in the most boyish voice she could muster. “We shall see.” Codean replied to her playful say. Their laughter and fun could be heard echoing through the meadow the Beesreiqu had brought. It seemed like this laughter, this fun, would never end, endless in happiness. But that day would not end as happy as you think. With no parents to celebrate with, these two could not celebrate their second Birthday with a party or with friends. They stood out from everyone else. It was just those two to look out for each other.

Suddenly, a booming shock wave came from the sky, like that of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier. The sun was then slowly blocked, the two unlocked from their stick lock and looked at the craft in the sky. Codean then wiped his head toward Anica. “Back to the house!” Both immediately ran towards the house, seeing the Caretaker waving at them to coming the house. Then, when they came about thirty-four yards away from the house, it exploded. Anica and Codean fell on their backs, Codean instinctively jumped on top of Anica to shield her from the oncoming shrapnel. Codean looked back, nothing was left but a huge cloud of black and gray smoke, like that of an erupting volcano.

Codean then jumped to his feet and grabbed Anica’s hand and pulled her off the ground and both of them began to run. Bombs began to drop behind and beside them, continuously as they ran. Both of them kept looking back to see if they were close behind. Codean’s heart pounded, he felt not just fear, but terror. First he witnessed the loss of his parents, now the orphanage he called home. Anica is all he had left, he is afraid, he does not want to be alone. Then, a bomb exploded right behind him. Codean flew into the air about five-six feet. He landed on the ground hard. His shoulders were aching, his ears were ringing. It really knocked the air out of him. He turned, and saw Anica laying at least ten feet away. The bombs were still dropping, his hearing was now starting to return and he could hear the near and distant explosions. He crawled his way on the ground, heading towards Anica. He crawled as fast as he could, but it was still a slow progress. He then finally made it to Anica, she was laying on her left side. Codean shook her, “ Anica! We need to go! … Ancia!!” There was no answer. He then grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards him. As he pulled she moved towards him, and what he witnessed is a sight of horror. Her face was burned off completely, nothing but bone, with her jaw dropped. His breathing became shaky, he removed his hand and flipped it over. It was stained with blood. He then looked down at her, his eyes had the sight of horror and sadness, tears began to form. Then with sudden movement, he grabbed her corpse and held her in his lap and chest. He was on his knees, crying and screaming, he had lost everything now.

Codean now lost his family, his home, and his TS. He would never be the same after this, his destiny is changed forever. Who would be their to make him smile. Who would be their to call him “TB”…  Twin Brother?

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