5 Kid Friendly Meals

(Note: Click on pictures for recipe links!)

1. White Cheese Chicken Lasagna

lasagnaThe White Cheese Chicken Lasagna is a fun meal for kids to try if they don’t like beef or turkey and an easy way to make your kids eat vegetables.

It consists of chicken, spinach, a creamy white cheese sauce, and more.


2. Pizza Pinwheels:

pizzaThe pizza pinwheels are cute little pizzas on crescent rolls, and it is a meal to eat on the go for the kids, especially if you’re in a rush to go somewhere. It consists of cheese, pizza sauce, crescent rolls, and pepperoni (optional). 

3. Applesauce Pancakes:

pancakesThe applesauce pancakes are a cool way to put applesauce and pancakes together if you’re a big fan of applesauce and pancakes.

It consists of pancake mix, ground cinnamon, eggs, applesauce, lemon juice, and milk.


4. Chicken Quesadillas:

quesadillasChicken quesadillas are a quick meal to make if you and your family are in the mood for Mexican food but don’t feel like going out.

It consists of chicken breast, fajita seasoning, green and red bell peppers, cheese, and tortillas.


5. Spinach Balls:

meatballsThe spinach balls are a creative way to eat your vegetables and it’s an easy way to trick your kids into eating healthily.

It consist of spinach, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, melted butter, italian seasoning, and more.


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