Should You Buy Final Fantasy XV?

ffxvFinal Fantasy 15 is one of the biggest installments in the series yet, introducing new gameplay mechanics such as warping, crafting spells, and real-time battles. In this article I will be going over what the game has to offer to players:


The combat system in Final Fantasy 15 is unlike the other games which mostly use a turn based battle system. Fans were surprised when Square Enix decided to make this change, however the risk paid off as the game came out a masterpiece. Summons work differently from previous titles, now requiring very specific circumstances in order to be summoned. Some need the battle to last a certain amount of time, some need to be in plains with the party in danger, or be close to a large body of water with the party in danger. (For spoiler reasons, I will not reveal who the summons are.) Magic is not taken up by MP(Magic points) anymore, instead spells are now craftable items that are used in battle. All around the world map, you can find different ‘Magic Deposits’ of sorts. From there you hold the X (or A button on Xbox One) and drain that deposit. There are only 3 different magic types with a multitude of possible spells you can get out of it. There’s Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder magic types. In the Elemency part of your main menu you craft the spells. For crafting you have to have an empty Magic Flask, at least one of any magic type, and an optional item to give the spell some extra qualities. (Use a potion to have the spell heal you, use a coin for more EXP[Experience Points], etc.) The world of Final Fantasy 15 is very large and for the most part it is open world so there are a vast number of side quests along the main story(about 200 or so). The side quests can consist of meeting 1 of 14 different people and doing a specific job for them, or just walking into a dungeon and making your way to the bottom.

Leveling Up

Unlike other Final Fantasy games, leveling up in Final Fantasy 15 does not consist of just defeating enemies, acquiring EXP (Experience Points) and leveling up on the spot. The game has a sleeping system and consistently tells you how dangerous it is to travel at night(Seriously don’t do it, kiddo. It won’t be fun to fight a level 30 enemy immediately.) So in order to pass from night to day, you have to sleep. Be it at a campsite which is known as a “Haven”, spending the night in a caravan, or just go poor trying to stay at a fancy hotel. (Like really, for a prince, Noct is seriously poor.) However where you sleep has it’s benefits and drawbacks. If you sleep at a campsite you’ll only get however much EXP that you’ve obtained from the battles/quests completed. You will not get any multiplier. But if you sleep in a hotel or caravan you have the benefit of multiplying your current experience by where you sleep at (up to a 3x bonus). Sounds like a good deal right? Why bother camping then? Well if you camp then Ignis will prepare a meal for everyone, maybe just boosting stats or giving a bonus such as having infinite stamina. If you stay at a hotel then you will not get any meal benefits, nor level up Ignis’ cooking skill. Another part to leveling is the Ascension grid. In the Ascension Grid menu, you can use AP (Ability Points) to purchase skills and upgrades for the characters. Be it more accessory slots, or unlocking more opportunities to get AP and boost it even further. There are few ways to get AP at first, only warp striking as the killing blow on an enemy, killing with a blindside attack, or killing with a parry, or just leveling up. Though in the Ascension Grid, you can unlock more ways such as: Driving a car for a certain amount of time, riding a Chocobo for a certain amount of time, catching a fish, having Ignis cook someone’s favorite food, or even just making camp somewhere. (Honestly I recommend buying the Driving one as soon as possible because it is extremely good and pays for itself in no time.) Other things in the Ascension Grid are being able to buy items to increase character stats, unlocking new Techniques, or something as simple as dodging while in the air.


The story revolves around a group of four friends as they head out to meet Lunafreya, the bride-to-be of Noctis, the main character. Noctis is a prince and heir to the throne of the Lucis Caelum bloodline. As they travel, a mysterious stranger named Ardyn appears and tells them that their ship won’t be coming in for a long time. As the game proceeds, a horrible catastrophe occurs, the empire of Niflheim killed the current king (Noctis’ father) and destroyed the entire city. As the sole heir to the throne, Noctis has to battle the empire as he travels around the country, and find the Royal Arms, the powers that his ancestors left him, in order to take back his home and rightful place on the throne.

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