The Top 5 Teams in the NBA

5.Oklahoma City Thunder (39-29)

OKCThe Thunder have been playing great. Westbrook has played amazing this season averaging a triple double. There centers have been doing theirs job grabbing boards. They have made trades for Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott. McDermott brings his shooting to the Thunder. Taj Gibson gives them a physical four that can play the post.  The Thunder have lost one of their star players in free agency this year by  letting  Durant walk and go to  the Golden State Warriors. Everybody didn’t know if Westbrook could do it by himself, but at this moment Westbrook is proving his doubters wrong.

  1. Houston Rockets (47-21)

HoustonThe Rockets have been playing good too. Harden has been putting up ridiculous numbers.They have young talent at the center position in Clint Capela. The Rockets have made the trade for Lou Williams, former Sixth Man of The Year of 2015. He has showed us that he can still play at the age of thirty years old. He is also a very good bench player. Great for getting bench points. Harden has also been getting his teammates good looks. Ryan Anderson is a great shooting four. Eric Gordon has also given they that shooting too with a 3 point percentage of 38 percent.

  1. San Antonio Spurs (52-15)

SpursThe Spurs are a great team. They are doing this with 7 new players on their roster. They have good ball movement. They have a 2 time Defensive Player of the Year in Kawhi Leonard. He is a young talented player. He does his job, plays defense, and gets points on the board. He can most likely win the Defensive Player of The Year award again. Lamarcus Aldridge has also had a tough job in replacing Tim Duncan, but he has been doing his job and also playing defense and getting points on the board.

2.Golden State Warriors (54-14)

WarriorsThey have all been playing good when they are needed to. They have great ball movement. They can space the floor. They acquired Kevin Durant in free agency, giving them the small forward to guard Lebron in matchups. Klay Thompson has just been doing what he does best: play defense and shoot threes. Curry has been playing good but he has just passed through his midseason slump with recent games with 2-8 from the field 1-11. Draymond has played good on the defensive side of the ball. To sum it up they have amazing shooters. They have players that can pass the ball.

1.Cleveland Cavaliers(45-22)

CavsThey have been playing great. They are a good team when they are all healthy. They have the big three in Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, And Lebron James. Kyrie has been playing his role in passing the ball getting to the rack and playing defense. Lebron has been playing how he always has, playing aggressive for the win. Love has been playing his role spreading the floor shooting threes and playing defense, although he’s currently injured. They have great shooters off the bench like Kyle Korver and J.R.Smith. They have an amazing Center in Tristan Thompson. Most importantly they have great bench that play defense and score.

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