The Death of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens

Marine - Amia ClardyRyan Owens was a dedicated Navy SEAL who lost his life.  The secretary of the White House has announced that she thinks Trump will support the investigation into a raid he authorized in Yemen. Because of this raid, a Navy SEAL and others have lost their lives. The family of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens is devastated by this tragedy. In a recent interview, Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked the family of Ryan Owens if they will get an investigation into this. According to the article, Sarah Huckabee Sanders states in an interview, “I haven’t had the chance to speak with him directly about that, but I would imagine that he would be supportive of that.” The father of Ryan Owens, William Owens, was furious with this answer to the tragic death of his son Ryan Owens.

In a recent interview with the father, he revealed that he would not meet with Trump after his son’s body was returned home. The father states, “The government owes my son an investigation”. The younger Owens was killed last month at the age of 36. He was killed in a raid Donald Trump greenlighted against Al-Qaeda militants in central Yemen. Because of this, it left three other U.S. servicemembers injured and about 30 people deceased. If he didn’t authorize that raid in Yemen last month, Ryan Owens and others would still have their lives. The death of this young soldier has brought great depression into the family. Ryan Owens’s body was returned home to D.A.F.B. (Dover Air Force Base) in Delaware. Throughout all the interviews, no one knows for sure if Donald Trump will support the death of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens or not. Do you think Trump will support the Owens family?

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