Which is the Best Team to Play Basketball?

Bulls and Warriors - Corde HaywardSome say that any team Lebron James plays for is automatically the best team. The team with the best record is the best team. Many teams are contenders but I have narrowed it down to two teams, with the best records in NBA history.

With the growing excitement of the Golden State Warriors and their amazing record, the argument of are they the best team tends to come up. At 72-9 they were one game away from the greatest record of all time.With all eyes on the Warriors, they won the game against the Memphis Grizzlies setting the best record of all-time at 73-9. Coached by former NBA player Steve Kerr, the starting lineup of  Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes carried out a nearly perfect season, but lost to Lebron James in the finals from a devastating 4-3 lead after being up 3-1. Beating a historical record, do you think this is the greatest line up of all time?

In 1995-1996, with arguably the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls had a record setting season. Jordan had an amazing season leading the Bulls to a 72-10 record which at the time was the best ever. Coached by Phil Jackson,the starting lineup of Michael Jordan, Ron Harper, Luc Longley,  Dennis Rodman, And Scottie Pippen, were beating teams effortlessly. Jordan was averaging 30.4 Points Per Game (PPG), blazing through competition. The bulls beat the previous records of the LA Lakers of 69-13. The iconic Bulls are a trademark that the whole worlds knows to represent never backing down and going out without a fight. Most say this is the greatest team of all time! Who do you pick? The 16’-17’ Warriors or 96’-96’ Bulls?





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