The Oscars 2017

In all the years of Oscar nominees there have been surprises. Kevin O’Connell, after waiting 34 years to win an Oscar, won the award for sound mixing. He gave his speech and dedicated it to his mother mainly who is Skippy O’Connell. He told everyone that she helped him get his first job in sound, he was very grateful for his mother and wanted to say thank you in a way that she would be proud of him even more than she already was. She had said she wanted the thank you to be when he was on stage at the Oscars with the award. 

Jimmy Kimmel at His Greatest and Worst

The Oscars - Lori EvansJimmy Kimmel, host of the Oscars,  had his good times when he started. He started making jokes by having a little fun towards Meryl Streep. The NY times said that “It was more mischievous than overtly mean.” When he was at his worst while hosting he began to make fun of Mahershala Ali for his name. Later on there was a tour bus, in which Jimmy Kimmel brought unsuspecting tourists into the awards ceremony. It was the most stressful, uncomfortable few minutes in awards show history because it was not organized in a correct manner. The tourists were not even paying attention to what was going on. Jimmy Kimmel was trying to talk with them but there was not much communication. The guests were just pushed into it with no questions asked. They  should have gotten to choose for themselves if they would like to participate in Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar “pranks.” However they never asked to be part of the tour.

Who Had the Most Progress Towards the EGOT?

 Lin-Manuel Miranda was the main runner up for this year. He won everything except for the Academy Award and his nomination for the best song “How Far I’ll Go”. Then comes Viola Davis who had moved one step ahead to winning the EGOT by winning best supporting actress, but she hasn’t won a Grammy.

Final Thoughts

In the end it wasn’t the greatest Oscar show, but it continued without hesitation. There could’ve been some changes and most parts could’ve been taken out to be replaced with something different. I felt as the beginning of the Oscars started it was good because when you watch the Oscars you get excited in a way that you basically participate by guessing on who will win each award. Then towards the end it wasn’t that interesting because it started to die down. I think that there could have been more excitement towards the middle and end.



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