Tacony Boy’s Baseball Team Season Preview (2017)

The Tacony Lions Baseball Team is run be Head Coach Jackson who got the new job just a year ago. It has also been managed by Assistant Coach Cecchini for the last 4 years. Last year was the first year of this coaching duo and they had very high expectations for the team. But unfortunately injuries, kids transferring, kids failing, and a lack of a bench all hit the Lions throughout all of last season. This created a very weak core of players and a lack of chemistry, which lead to just a 2 win season.

This new season is looking like there could be a good mixture of chemistry leading into the season. New faces forming with old faces, and of or course new talent is giving the Lions hope for a better season win total in 2017. Here are the coaches takes on what they are each expecting in the year of 2017 for the baseball team:

Coach Jackson – “My expectations are the same expectations they are for each upcoming season, and that is to win every game that we play. Winning is the only thing I want for the Tacony Lions boys baseball team especially after what happened last season with this team. I expect this team to be a contender for a spot in the playoffs in Division C, and I expect us to win most of our games at home so we can defend our home turf.”

Coach Cecchini – “I have been coaching the Tacony Lions boys baseball team since they had a baseball team here at this school, and I have been here for the highs and the lows. Going to the playoffs with 14 wins my first year felt amazing, but only winning 2 games last season was as low as it could get. My expectations are simple now, be better then last year and improve as an organization.”

With the season quickly approaching, the Tacony Lions are working hard everyday on and off the field. The current players are doing well in the classroom, and that is the first step on having a successful season. All of the players like the coaches have high expectations for this season and are looking forward to there season opening on March 24th at home.
Baseball 2017 - Minner
(2014 Boys Baseball Team)

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