5 Ways PS4 Is Better Than XB1

5: Streaming Capabilities

Sony this year teamed up with Ustream and twitch.tv to make PS4 the number one streaming console. Now gaming tournaments need high-powered computers just to broadcast them. Gamers won’t need extra things like mixers and  cameras; all they need is a microphone. This is just one of the benefits of having PS4.

4: Vita Connectivity

Want to take your game on the go? Switch to Vita at any time for a portable system  to play. The Vita has lots of capabilities to offer, for example touch screen, motion control, and tilt interface.

3: Playstation Plus Bonuses

Microsoft is now giving bonuses to Xbox Live customers but they don’t compare to the bonuses Sony offers. Every month Sony offers four to six games completely free. Microsoft offers two. Many of these bonuses games are big AAA titles.

2: Enforced Multiplayer

One of the cool features PS4 offers is the ability to drop into a party member’s game while in progress and even allow them to control it.

1: Experimental Controller

PS4 Controller - Lowrence PierreThe PS4 controller may not be as experimental as the Wii U gamepad but, it’s still very unique. It has a touch pad which is also a button and a share button which allows you to screen cap. It also feels different in your hands.


Which do you prefer?


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