The NHL Has a Rebirth


ThNHL Rookies1e NHL in the past few years has seen once in a lifetime players in the league. Most of them have not even picked at what they are able to do yet. Some of these players have made an impact right away in their debut and will continue to grow. Austin Matthews was also picked first overall in the draft this year. Matthews is the seventh American in NHL draft history to go first overall.The league had seen the other future star in Patrik Laine that went second overall in 2016 the year after Austin Matthews. Laine was picked by the Winnipeg Jets. In the the 2017 all star game Matthews and Laine were picked to play in the game.

Even Connor McDavid two years ago was the first overall pick. His impact has helped the league gain more media coverage since he has begun playing in 2015. He has helped turn around the Edmonton Oilers into a winning team again. In his second season he is so far leading the whole league in point standing and could be MVP at the end of this season. He also could win the Art Ross Trophy. That is when at the end of the season you scored the most points in the whole league. Patrick Kane was league MVP last year. He made history by becoming the first ever born American to win MVP. He adds that on his list of awards that he won. Three of them are the Stanley Cup.

NHLRookies2Austin Matthews became the first ever player to score four goals in his first game that he started in. Patrik Laine also is having a good rookie year. As for him he has already scored three hat tricks and he is only eighteen years old. And for the Pittsburgh Penguins last year rookie Matt Murray became a star in the postseason. Murray had 15 wins in the playoffs and had helped the Penguins win the Stanley Cup. He may help them or other team  to win more down the line.

The upcoming rookies will be able to put their names down in the NHL history books to come.



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