The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 4: It Begins

The air seemed toxic from the explosions that now have ceased. The dark gray clouds hovered on the ground for a moment before fading, dissolving into the air. The boy still hovered over the dead girl’s body, broken, despaired. Then there was a sound, that of a space shuttle landing near by. The sound of the door dropped onto the ground, followed by the steps of two beings. They traveled towards the boy and behold, they saw the remains of the dead girl. They stood tall with long legs, guns that took two hands to hold up, and wore uniforms that resembled bounty hunters or assassins. The silence was broken by the man to the right of the boy. “Dang, we really did a number on this girl. Ain’t that right Jimmy?” Then the left spoke upon his name. “That’s right Horus. Just look at this kid though.” (The man let out a slight HA.) “He got a good look at her death.” The two man then began to laugh their heads off, laughing at the death of an innocent girl and laughing upon the suffering of a poor boy. The one called Jimmy spoke after their cruel laugh. “Well, I think we should put this kid out of his misery.” He pointed the gun at the boy’s head.

But something unexpected happened to the men’s surprise. The boy looked up and to his right, facing the men. Then, with a quick lift, he was on his feet, he stood and raised his hands. The men instantly were lifted off the ground and holding their throats, dropping their guns. Then, their knives at their sides detached themselves from their pouches and came to the hands of the boy. The boy opened his eyes, they were the color of fire; full of hate, full of anger. The men then dropped to their knees, touching ground once more, and with one fell swoop, the boy slit their throats. The men then fell on their backs, clinging to their wide open throats. The boy looked at them as if looking down on them, both literally and metaphorically. His face had no emotion on it, it was his eyes that continued to burn. Then the boy took the knives and plunged them into the skulls of the men, instantly killing them.

The boy stood up, his face motionless, but also, showing no emotion. He looked directly in front of him and saw the shuttle. The boy walked to the shuttle, his steps wide and long, his head held high, his arms by his sides motionless; he was different from the boy before, more strong, more aggressive. The boy entered the shuttle and the walk up door closed behind him. The door then opened to the control room, in which he took his seat upon the brown leathery chair. He began to activate the shuttle, reaching for controls he was able to touch and using his newfound power to active others he could not. Once the ship was activated, he took the controller for the steering and peered through the openview shielded window; and, with accuracy and grace, the shuttle lifted off the ground and towards the sky, towards space. Not a thought came to his mind, not a consciousness; there were no words…only silence.

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