The Top 10 Best Call of Duty Professional Teams

These are the best ten teams in Call of Duty as of right now (Pre-Dallas) in my opinion. These teams have been ranked by recent performances, both online and LAN, pro points, and overall prestige of players on the roster.
10. Evil Geniuses

With the pick up of a brand new roster the members of Evil Geniuses are still trying to feel each other out in a way and figure out the whole team’s dynamic. As of late, there has been slight improvement but they are still very inconsistent. Their last two 2k placings went from T8 to T32 and their last two LAN placings went from T20 to T8. If they want to make it into that Top 9 (in terms of pro points) they need to become more consistent.

9. PNDA Gaming

PNDA Gaming was pretty much unheard of until their breakout placing at MLG Atlanta, coming from the Amateur Open Bracket and earning a spot in pool play. They were able to take the “juggernauts” of CoD eSports to two Game 5’s in two different series and placed a whopping T8 and currently hold the last seed for the Global Pro League coming up. If they continue this momentum they will potentially climb up this Top 10, maybe to the #1 spot.

8. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 has been on a downward spiral ever since their outstanding 2nd place performance at MLG Vegas. They haven’t placed in the Top 15 on LAN since that tournament. But in this past week’s 2k they were able to place 2nd, so if they can replicate this performance at MLG Dallas they will most likely be put in that argument to be a Top 4 team once again.

7. Enigma 6

Enigma 6 has always been an explosive team ever since they broke out into the spotlight at UMG California in 2015. This was their first sign of excellence but in the following year they were not able to compete due to new age restrictions, but once they were all of age they were back looking to make a name for themselves. However, their recent placings on LAN have not displayed their talent. Taking the most recent 2k has sparked some conversation for them being a powerhouse team.

6. Luminosity Gaming

After a roster shuffle with the former team Rise Nation, Luminosity ended up with the roster of Octane, Slacked, Classic, and Saints. This roster is a team that is consistently a top team that is just missing one small thing that is keeping them from being the top team and they kind of skate with the constant T6-T8 placings.

5. EnVyus

The former world championship team should honestly be higher on this list, but due to lack of practice they failed to perform well on LAN. This is why they are considered to be the 5th best team. As of late, they have been slowly trying to get back to the top but I personally don’t see it happening until they work on consistency.

4. eUnited

eUnited was a surprise team that honestly came out of nowhere. They were taking the weekly 2ks with ease and beating top teams in online team scrimmages, but everyone said they were only good online due to the strength of their internet and doubted that they would be as talented on LAN. They then won the very next LAN event. They would probably be considered the best team if they were able to replicate that performance but since that win they have fallen off hard and if they want to take that top spot once again, they need to put in the work.

3. Rise Nation

Rise Nation, before they dropped Nagafen,  were always an up and down inconsistent team. They could win an event or place 8th. With the pick up of Loony they have become a little bit more consistent and have placed within the Top 3 in 2 of the 3 events this year already. The only event they didn’t place in the top 3 is when they suffered from lack of practice due to extreme circumstances. When they are practiced they are a very strong team. Be on the lookout, they can come in a sneak a victory.

2. FaZe Clan

FaZe’s roster was brought together in Advanced Warfare to basically try to be the team of OpTic that literally had no competition. After forming this roster, until after early IW, FaZe was able to go undefeated against OpTic on LAN. FaZe could honestly be the best team it just comes to closing out against OpTic because as of right now, the scene is basically FaZe vs OpTic with no other teams even close in comparison

1. Optic Gaming

Optic was a roster formed after a disappointing 7th place finish at Champs in 2015 with the retirement of NaDeSHoT. The team acquired Karma in his place. Since, this team has won 21 events and only looked vulnerable a few times. Even with this stacked roster, they have yet to bring home a world championship. And I personally believe that is the only thing that is keeping them from being considered a dynasty. Will this year be the year?

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