Top Ten Games Coming Out In 2017

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Horizon Zero Dawn : The games is a PS4 exclusive so for Playstation nation this is the games for you.You play as a woman named Alloy 1000 years in the future after technology and robots take over. She hunts the machines as she uses their parts as weapons and more.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild : This games is for the Wii U players. By now you know who and what Zelda is but this games is set in an open world. It is set for you to craft and explore. They say that this games will shake the history of Zelda.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands : This game is for the PS4 , Xbox1 and PC players. If the game The Division was a fun game for you , you’re going to love this game. It takes place in the wildlands and promises you the GTA experience with access to cars and guns with the open world.

Mass Effect: Andromeda : This game is for the PS4 , Xbox1 and PC players. This sci-fi game takes place in a bio war going from the Milky way and traveling to the Andromeda galaxy. That travel brings new ships , aliens and vast new planets to explore. For those who follow the story there will be some familiar faces as it continues in third-person.

Yooka-Laylee : This game is for the PS4 , Xbox1 , Pc and maybe the Nintendo players. The kickstarter-funded platform is a spiritual successor to its sequel. This game is made by a lot of different developers. It will have a familiar mix of platforming and collectables. It will also have a lot of wacky characters that is suited to fit today’s style of game play.

Prey : This game is for the PS4 , Xbox1 And Pc players. The original game was announced 5 years ago but never released. It is a whole new style of sci-fi video gaming.

Tekken 7 : This is for PS4 , Xbox1 and Pc players. This game takes place 20 years after the original Tekken. It is said to include the conclusion to the Mishima clan saga.

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy : This is for the PS4 players only. This game is nothing new it is just a remastered version of the original. This game is for the people who love the PS4 but want to play retro games that they loved.

Destiny 2 : This game is played on all consoles. There is no permanent information about the game yet. They talk about that they will have new characters and a great storyline. They say it is  going to be so improved compared to Destiny 1.

Days Gone : This game for the PS4 players. This game is a new title game and takes place in a horrifying world with zombie like creators . They are quick and out to eat your brains. There is no set date of release but they are sure it will be a game that you’ll want.


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