Dubai’s Flying Taxi

Dubai, this year is, hoping to launch a self-flying drone taxi in Summer 2017.

The taxi drones are from Chinese company Ehang. The drones can travel 62 miles an hour and at a height of 984 feet above ground. It has a built in gps system so you just have to choose what location you want to go to and it will take you there. The takeoff, flight, and landing are monitored by ground control.

Dubai has a great piece of new technology with the flying drones, and it definitely gives them a head start around the world. This drone is one of the best things to ever happened. All you need in Dubai is just a drone and it will take you wherever you need to go. Dubai is hoping by 2030 that there is less traffic than there is today. From 2017 to 2030, Dubai will give the world a great idea for other countries to come up with their own plan, and definitely increase technology, and be able to advance in what it is today.

There are some disadvantages to this drone however. The eight propellers on it are powered by electric and can only last from 23 to 30 minutes. And the recharge time for it takes about two hours. One advantage of the drone is that it can fly over one-thousand miles in just twelve minutes. “The drone has already been tested, and the version they used to experiment with was not just a model”, and it will be used daily by Dubai’s pedestrians. The head authority Matta Al-Tayer stated this statement.

The drone has a one passenger seat in the front with the gps system, with a storage space in the back for luggages, suitcase, bags, etc.

Many would talk down about the drones, but the company Ehang has designed the drone with advanced safety systems. If thing were to go wrong then it would land at the nearest safe destination. It also comes with secure networks to keep hackers away.

The future is already here with the drones in Dubai. Las Vegas also announced that they would start trialing the drones for public use around the same time Dubai launches them.


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