March Madness Final Four

We are in the final four of March Madness. Out of sixty-eight Division One basketball teams the final four teams are South Carolina, Gonzaga, North Carolina, and Oregon. They are four teams that definitely weren’t the favorites to make it to the final four. This year’s march madness had the most upsets in history.

          Kansas was the favorite to win it all with a record of thirty-one wins and only five losses. Kansas lost to Oregon. Oregon was a team nobody expected to make it to the final four. The last time Oregon made it to the final four they won their first national championship. Oregon had a record of sixteen and two going into their conference and the national tournament. They ended up being thirty-two and five.

           Next, South Carolina was the team that nobody in the world expected to make it to the final four. South Carolina record was twenty-six and eleven. South Carolina lost to Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Florida, Mississippi, Florida, and other schools. South Carolina has never won a national championship and has never made it this far.

           Gonzaga, even with an almost perfect record of seventeen wins and one loss, weren’t supposed to make this far also. Gonzaga isn’t a national powerhouse basketball school but had a great team this year which made them the number one ranked team in the nation for division one basketball. Gonzaga was expected to lose to one of the other basketball powerhouses that were missing players in the regular season like North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, VIllanova, Louisville, teams that are great every year with new top recruiting classes every year. It seems like Gonzaga is shaping to be one of them teams.

        Lastly, one of the top division one basketball teams in America is North Carolina. North Carolina is the favorite to win it all because it is a national powerhouse with experience with being in the national championship. They perhaps might be the most stacked team with most of their players being seniors. U.N.C has a good record with only two losses to Virginia and Duke.Gonzaga


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