The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 5: Ten Years

A dark city; a city whose streets are lit with red synthetic crystals. The city resides in a cave in which there is only one way in and one way out, a shuttle door that opens vertically to allow ships to dock in the city. The city streets are that of straight lines that go vertically and then have cross sections that resemble a huge ‘t’. But the main part of the city that is notable and renowned is the castle in the far end of the city. It resembles a temple, which it once was. It was a temple built by the ancient fallen Jedi, but now has been turned into a dark castle, surrounded by the dark side of the force. This is the city of Oparem; a dark city, as explained, that is in the grasp of a known cult.

Inside the temple, at it’s heart, lies a meeting that is taking place with the cult. They do not have a name, due to their secrecy. They were known as a harmless cult, but that was about to change. Inside this red lit room, their was a big oval door with a triangular top to it,that would open horizontally. There were people sitting in the center of the room at a long table. They were sitting cross-legged on pillows that are like chair seats, but without the legs or back support. The table seemed black, but one can not see well in red light. There was a glass vase as a decoration in the middle. The people at the table all wore cloaks, but with their hoods down. There were six at the table: two men on the right, followed by a woman, and three men on the left.

The first on the right was Banis Slicer, beside him was Mockeroff Wolfbane. The man first on the left was Ragnose Mirffery, beside him was Killer Man-Slaught. The man beside Killer was Charmon Fish, following that the woman in the group was Martha Lossus. I say her name last due to her being a major part of the story. A conversation has started in the room, debating on wether or not the group should attack a planet or seek information.”We should seek information on what we should get from this city and then kill these persons to leave no witness.” Said Banis, a former political candidate for Oparem’s government. “Are you mad?” exclaimed Ragnose, “We should not take action unless we are absolutely privileged to. Besides, we can not act without Ckiwekwaweees (Leader).” “Screw him. He is not one to give orders!” exclaimed Banis, in a low toned voice. “As I see it, he is not fit to lead us. He…” Banis halted his conversation due to a feeling in the Force. He looked towards to the door, and it opened, revealing a cloaked figure.

The figure removed his hood to reveal his face. “Barkus!” Exclaimed Ragnose. “Barkus! You sorry lot for a Force user!” exclaimed Killer. Banis turned his head to them and tried to shush them, but it was too late. “So… you dare make such intolerable fun of my apprentice?” said a dark cold voice from not so far down the hall. Heavy footsteps followed with another figure appearing beside the one called ‘Barkus’. Banis Looked at the figure and swallowed hard. “G,G,Grimmeris Reaper.” The one called Reaper removed his hood. “Banis. For a man such as yourself to have all talk and no action, I would insist that you shut your mouth and do not talk of dethroning me.” Banis nodded in compliance. “And as for the both of you… I would watch your tongues to who you speak of. For if I hear such a tone again, … it shall be on your lips when you’re buried in your grave.” The men looked at the one called ‘Reaper’ with fear in their eyes and their lips shut tightly. The one called ‘Barkus’ is Jake Deltalighter, and he walked around Banis, Mockeroff, and Martha, and sat at the end of the table, while Grimmeris Reaper sat at the end by Banis and Ragnose.

Banis licked his lips and looked to his left, turning his torso to Reaper, “We…” “Were discussing on our plan or action. I am right, Banis?” He was interrupted by Reaper. Banis turned his torso back and faced Ragnose, but his eyes looked down upon the table, as if humiliated. “You were right to question Banis’s words, Ragnose.” Ragnose looked at Reaper and nodded in acceptance. “Now, for years, the people of MagieCarta have been giving food and supplies to the war effort during the reign of the Empire. Now, they plan to make their own army since the Empire is no more.” Reaper paused to examine the occupants of the room, looking at a person at a time. “We can not allow that.” Reaper adjusted  his seating and sat much more straight. “Martha.” Reaper called to her, she turned her head to her name, and faced Reaper. “Yes.” “What is your view on the, ‘situation’?” Reaper seemed to have mocked the previous words he has said about the people of MagieCarta, addressing the topic to Martha now.

Martha licked her lips and looked down for a second before looking at Reaper and giving her response. “The people of MagieCarta have grown in numbers, and are trying to build an army, so I’ve heard.” She paused and licked her lips again, “Some sources say, that a so called Jedi is leading them.” Reaper had anger growing in him, though he did not show an expression of it. After Martha said her last word, the vase in the middle of the table shattered. Everyone at the table jumped, except Jake and Reaper. Reaper leaned forward with a  look at Martha with yellow burning eyes. “So, a … ‘Jedi’ is leading them?.” Martha replied, “Yes.” Reaper moved back to his straight seating again. “This must be dealt with.” Reaper said in a much darker tone. “But how are we to carry it out?” Killer said in concern and curiousness.

Reaper answered, “How does the predator catch it’s prey? …  It waits for it to get into position and strikes.” Mockeroff spoke, “We will not strike?” “No.” Reaper replied, “We must pretend we did not hear such information, and let them think they are unheard and unseen. Once they let their fear and worry down, they will be open for attack, they will be open prey.”

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