NBA Playoffs: Top 3 Seeds

The 2017 NBA Playoffs have started and to kick it off these are the top 3 seeds in the East and West.


CelticsThis may come as a surprise to you but in the east the Boston Celtics take first seed. My reasoning for this is because the Cleveland Cavaliers have a much more difficult schedule than the Celtics.

The second seed goes to the Cavs which should be no surprise. They have made the finals for the last couple years. They haven’t played their best basketball this season.The Cavs have the 28th defense since after the All-Star break. We all kind of assume they’ll flip the switch but it could get dicey in the right matchup.

WizardsThe third seed goes to the Washington Wizards. I was surprised to see the Wizards make the playoffs so high in the bracket. Normally the Raptors have the second or third seed, but t:he Raptors are only a game behind the Wizards.


WarriorsThis shouldn’t be a shock to you; in the west the Golden State Warriors are the first seed. At the time of writing this the Warriors are the only team to have sixty wins. They were also the first team to clinch a playoff spot. The Warriors are up on San Antonio and Kevin Durant just came back.

As always The San Antonio Spurs are right behind the Warriors at the second seed. They are having a great season after the retirement of Tim Duncan. Their 57-17 record (as of writing this) is the second best in the league.

The third seed goes to the Houston Rockets. They clinched home court in the first round and a top four seed. They can’t move up any further. The jazz trail them by four games. The Rockets have a 49.5 percent chance of wining the first round.


These are the top 3 seeds in each conference. Who do you think is going to win the title this year?


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