Keeping Up With Celebrity Trends

Fashion is a popular trend, and different styles are all around. In this case I will be focusing on celebrity fashion.

Chris BrownChris Brown is a pop artist   who has sold many records. Also he is known for style and has a new clothing line called Black Pyramid. Also his clothing line was presented in Paris fashion week. His clothing line consists of hoodies, jackets, jeans, and shirts. Each item has a black logo print  on it that makes the clothes really stand out.



KanyeKanye West  is a songwriter, rapper, record producer designer and entrepreneur. He   has many styles of clothing but another fashion trend that  he introduced  is his brand new Yeezy X Adidas sneakers.  They are white and gold and have had great success; the sneakers sold out within 5 minutes after being released.




Last but not least is  Drake. He is an amazing artist: a singer, rapper, and producer. He has his own clothing line called OVO which was founded by his tour manager. The OVO clothing line uses an owl as a logo to represent  wisdom.. Drake sold thousands of pants, shirts and hoodies. Also people started to follow drake after seeing him wear these clothes which made it very easy for Drake to make money.

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