The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 6 : The Murder in The Chamber

Within the temple, there is a chamber that is an important part of it. It still has an oval door with a triangle top, but what makes it different is the decoration on the door itself that makes it stand out. This chamber was once the meditation chamber that the Jedi used to train the younglings. Now it is Grimmeris Reaper’s personal chamber and meditation room. Inside the chamber, Reaper sits in the center of the chamber. He is surrounded by synthetic red crystals in a circle. Within these crystals, another circle is written on the floor in white. It is the writing of the modern language that is used at the time. Reaper sat on the pillow exactly like at the table he sat earlier and in the same position.

Reaper’s hands are folded upside down on his lap, his eyes are closed, meditating. In front of him is what appears to be a Lightsaber under construction. Reaper was using the Force to tamper with the weapon and to see the design that may appear. After all, this is his first Lightsaber. Outside the chamber, Banis comes to the door of the chamber. Moving uneasily, he seems hesitant to notify Reaper of his presence. Suddenly, the door opens on it’s own, “Come in, Banis.” Reaper had sensed his presence the moment he came through the hallway. Banis enters, moving to the left of Reaper and standing about sixty degrees from his sight. The door closes and the room falls silent, except for the sound of metal lightly tapping other metal, the sound of a Lightsaber’s construction.

“You wish to discuss on the subject of the Jedi.” Banis is stunned by Reaper knowing such a thing. But he holds his composure and licks his lips. “Yes.” He replies. At that moment the pieces of the Lightsaber stop moving, now the room was dead silent. “You wish to fight the Jedi yourself?” Reaper questions in a dark tone. “Yes,” replies Banis. After that, Reaper opens his eyes, still looking ahead. “You lie.” Reaper said, with a deeply unsettling dark tone that made Banis’s heart begin to beat fast. “Still planning to overthrow me Banis? What a disappointment.” Banis swallows hard. Reaper sighs before giving a verdict, “Your services are no longer needed.” Banis bursts out, “What do you mean! I will not…” Banis is cut short, literally, Reaper turns his head quickly and looks at Banis. Then a knife from the far end table to the right of Reaper, flies straight into Banis’s neck. Reaper then uses the Force to call Banis’s Lightsaber to detach itself and ignite, then swinging and slicing Banis in two. From his right shoulder to his left side, the saber slices and brought both parts of his body to the floor.

Reaper returns to his original position and continues with his Lightsaber construction, this time with his eyes open. He sighs, as the blood from Banis’s throat begins to flow and stain the dark carpet. Banis’s eyes remain open, with fear and the coldness of death within them. (As I understand it, Reaper foresaw that Banis would gain the trust of the Jedi and the people of MagieCarta and lead a revolt to kill him.)

“Such a fool.” Reaper said aloud. But there were more deaths yet to come.


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