Why Corey Seager is MLB’s Next Derek Jeter

Corey Seager the shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the great young talents the MLB now has to offer.


(Corey Seager Swinging 2016 season)

The young superstar had a breakout rookie season in which he hit for 26 Homeruns 74 RBI’s (runs batted in), 105 Runs scored and a .308 batting average. All these numbers along with terrific defensive plays at shortstop day in and day out helped Seager win The Rookie Of The Year award in the National League. Seager also finished third in the National League in National League MVP voting behind Kris Bryant and Daniel Murphy. The way that this young player splashed onto the scene with this much talent and this much swagger has people comparing this young phenomenon to retired shortstop Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter was one of the MLB’s greatest shortstops to ever touch the baseball diamond and he is assured a Hall Of Fame plaque in a few seasons when he is finally eligible. Derek was called up from the Minors by the Yankees after being drafted in 1992, and ever since then he has set his foot into a legendary baseball player status. Derek was all about being a team player and being a winner, and that is exactly what Corey Seager is showing after his first full season in the Majors.

Seager is now entering his second full season in the Major Leagues and is looking to add to his already impressive resume. Seager’s Dodgers made the playoffs last year and that’s what he wants the most in season two. The young superstar cares about winning more than anything and anyone can notice that when they watch him play because he gives his all on the field everyday.


(Corey Seager BBWAA Rookie Of The Year)

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