Is Chris Brown Struggling With Addiction & Anger?

Chris Brown

Brown’s Addiction & Recent Problems

Chris Brown woke up on a Monday morning and started doing drugs. According to a former employee, Brown had trouble sleeping upstairs and would instead watch movies all night. He spent most of his time going through Instagram looking for news about his former ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Chris Brown is preparing for his ¨One Hell of a Nite Tour¨, but would stay up for as long as 3 days, snorting cocaine and dabbling in Xanax, marijuana, Molly and lean (lean is a mixture of cough syrup and a drink, sometimes with candy). By the time he left for Europe in May, according to the lawsuit filed in June, he had physically attacked his longtime manager Michael ¨Mike G¨ Guirguis. (In the lawsuit, Guirguis claimed that in the 4 years they worked together Brown suffered from ¨addiction, anger control, and violence issues.¨) In August, Chris Brown was arrested after he returned from the tour. Later following a standoff with the police at his house for allegedly pulling and pointing a gun out at actress Baylee Curran. Chris Brown’s problems are no secret. Ever since his brutal attack on Rihanna in 2009, it seems like there’s nothing he can do to shock the world. Since that assault he’s been arrested 2 more times and been in and out of rehab, getting kicked out both times.

Brown Might Turn Things Around

In 2016 alone, Brown managed seven debut singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Chris Brown has already scored one Hot 100 hit this year: ¨Party¨ featuring Usher and Gucci Mane. His label says in a statement, ¨We’re proud to be in business with Chris, a uniquely gifted artist who is always striving to be better. Through his ups and downs, we will continue to stand behind him.¨ Since Guirguis’s departure in 2016, Brown has worked without no personal rep or manager. A while back, it looked as if Brown was going to turn things around. In early June 2014, he had been released early from a Los Angeles County jail. When he arrived home, his former girlfriend Karrueche surprised him with a party. Brown kissed Tran on the lips and said ¨I love you so much.¨

Brown’s Diagnosis

Earlier that year, Brown was diagnosed with bipolar ll disorder, a condition defined by depressive and hypomanic episodes and often triggered by periods of extreme stress and drug and alcohol abuse. His report also cited ¨untreated PTSD¨ and ¨inappropriate self-medicating.¨ In a trailer for his unreleased documentary, Brown admits that, ¨I felt like a monster. I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping. I barely ate. I was getting high.¨ Still, with confronted past mistakes, Chris Brown has often responded with violent outbursts. Do you think Chris Brown will be able to control his addiction and anger?


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