The Legacy Of Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson was one of the most dominant a wide receivers in the NFL. Calvin was a 6’5, over 210 pound receiver with great hands and ball vision. Calvin left behind one of the fastest but greatest legacies. Calvin Johnson’s legacy is how he performed on the field and acted off of it. Even though Calvin had an amazing career, in his earliest season, his team, the Detroit lions, went 0-16 in the NFL regular season. Also, Calvin fought injuries throughout his early games and tried to make the best of his career with an unhealthy quarterback. However, when him and his quarterback Matthew Stafford were healthy and able to play together, Calvin and the Detroit Lions exploded. From 2011-2013, Calvin averaged 101 catches , 1700 yards, and 11 touchdowns. After helping the Lions make the playoffs, Calvin broke the single receiving yardage record in 2012. Calvin , was as big as they get , as fast, as athletic, and being one of the best catchers to play; he was the “ultimate” wide receiver in the NFL. Calvin Johnson was believed to be a “ too good to be true “ prospect.Calvin1

In the wake of the NFL combine 9 years ago , Calvins’ measurables were described as “freaky” because of how astonishing he was. Calvin’s “freakish” talent, athleticism, and ball hawking ability landed him the nickname “Megatron”. Megatron’s on-field play was superb and should land him a spot in the hall of fame. Though Megatron had an amazing career , the one thing possible holding him back from breaking into that category as  being an “All Time Great” is his teams’ inability to make playoffs. Megatrons’ legacy could be tainted because he played for a mediocre team his entire career. It would be devastating for his legacy to be hindered because of the inconvenience of his team.Calvin2

Not only was Calvin one of the greatest on the field but one of the best off of it. Calvin performed in many charities and helped a lot of kids. Though his retirement was unexpected and his career wasn’t very long, his performance in the NFL will always be remembered.Calvin3Sources:

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