The Rise of Darth Reaper – Chapter 7: The Sphere of Death

Ragnose and Mockeroff travel down one of the halls of the dark palace. Their footsteps are heard throughout the hall as they walk side by side. They are having a conversation. Ragnose is speaking. ¨Where is he? He should have been back by now. This plan can not move forward without knowing if he has the opportunity.¨ Mockeroff continues the conversation. ¨Patience. The great Sith lords had waited a thousand years for the plan to fall into action. We can wait for an hour or so.¨ Ragnose sighs through his nose. They both stop. Ragnose faces forward while Mockeroff turns to his right and continues talking. ¨This plan is crucial. Banis will succeed. He just needs time.¨ At the end of the sentence, foot steps are heard from down the hall in front of them. A cloaked figure approaches through the darkness and into the light of the red crystal torches. Ragnose recognises him, ¨Barkis. What brings you here?¨ Ragnose says to Jake. ¨Why do you call me that?¨ Jake says, ¨Anyway, my master, Grimmeris Reaper, wants to see you.¨ Banis must have succeeded, thinks Ragnose. ¨Very well,¨ Ragnose replies. ¨We will see him then,¨ Mockeroff insures.

Mockeroff and Ragnose walk past Jake and continue down the hall. ¨Oh wait,¨ Mockeroff says as he and Ragnose stop and turn to Deltalighter. ¨Where is he?¨ Jake replies. ¨He is at the Sphere Hall.¨ Both Mockeroff and Ragnose turn and continue their journey down the hall. The Sphere Hall is where all the hallways meet at a completely circular room. This is much like a highway to easily get from one part of the palace to another. Mockeroff and Ragnose come to the end of the South West corridor into the Sphere Hall. At the north, there is no corridor, there is a wall. On this wall is a window. The wall is literally the back of the cave that meets the outside world. So, through the window, this is the only place where sunlight from the outside world enters the cave and the palace. Sitting on the floor, in the ray of sunlight, lies Grimmeris Reaper.

Reaper seems to be meditating, the sunlight hitting him makes a shadow vail upon his face, as if there was nothing there. But no shadow lay upon the floor. Mockeroff spoke to Reaper. ¨Grimmeris Reaper. What have you called us for, if I may ask?¨ There was silence, dead silence. There was no sound of wind, nor sound of dirt or rubble hitting the walls or floors of the castle. Mockeroff and Ragnose look at each other, wondering what is going on. ¨The plan is going well, I presume?¨ A dark cold voice came from Reaper that instantly got the attention of Mockeroff and Ragnose. Reaper stands quickly on his feet. ¨Or have I ruined your plan?¨ Reaper slowly begins to walk forward, each step tapping the floor and getting louder. Mockeroff and Ragnose said nothing; they were in shock. How could he have known! thought Ragnose, still afraid as his chin begins to tremble.

Reaper by now was in front of both Mockeroff and Ragnose. Reaper’s face was now just visible to them, but what came out the most was his yellow eyes that burned. ¨Your services are no longer needed.¨ Mockeroff´s pupils shrunk with horror. Then an unearthly scream was heard. A red blade shot from a Lightsaber that Reaper was holding. Reaper swung it to his left and grabbed it with both hands. Then he swung right and sliced through the chest of Mockeroff and Ragnose. Their bodies fall to the floor in two. Reaper held the lightsaber downward in his right hand. He lifted it to his face to see it closely. It was a crossguard Lightsaber with unstable red blades that came out of it. Reaper turned off the saber and brought it back down to his side. “Excellent,” he said, looking at the Lightsaber. He looked at the bodies of his sliced victims. “If one falls, they all fall.”


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