Top Five Video Games Of All Time

  1.  The first game on our list is a classic which will always be a classic: Pac-Man. You may think it is a little higher on the list but I’ve done some research and this is the spot on the list I gave. It was released to the United States on October 26 , 1980 and it is 37 years later and people love it. The research wouldn’t say the networth of the game but the man who made the game “Toru Iwatani” is worth 10 million.


  1. The next game on our list is Doom. This game has its own series and you can probably remember it as the most recent game which was also called Doom but was released in 2016. We are not talking about that one we are talking about one of the first single and multiplayer first person shooting games released on December 10, 1993.  The game is you going around killing these demonic beast with crazy weapons and having fun.


  1. This game up next is also a classic with so many new versions of the game and there always will be more:  Zelda. I didn’t know what game of the series to pick so I picked the first one which is The Legend Of Zelda which released in 1986 for the Famicom Disk System. Zelda is really a game that started the video game world.


  1. Almost the last on our list is a very simple game but also one of the first games to release to the public. The game is called Tetris. It was released to the public on June 6 , 1984. This is a puzzle game were you are trying to fit shapes falling down to make a line. They have this game ready to play on any platform from phone to computer.


  1. This game is a legend and will forever be a favorite no matter what comes out. It is Mario and his brother Luigi. I didn’t know the best Mario bros game so I picked my favorite classic to play which is Super Mario Bros 3. There really are no wrong answers because they have games out with countless ideas for these characters like Olympics, racing and even just the basic style of maze or obstacle that we are used to. The first appearance of Mario was in Donkey Kong in 1981.

Super Mario


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